Krimnianiotis Farm

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An organic farm on the slopes of Taygetus
Krimnianiotis Farm isn't the typical Olive grove. Covering an area of 65 acres, the farm is in a magical landscape of small dunes in proximity to the two springs of the two rivers of Messinia, Pamissos and Aris. Olive trees of the "Koroneiki" variety dominate the area, however, the farm consists also of a vineyard with selected white and red varieties, an orangery of orange, lemon, tangerine trees etc. a botanical herb garden and a protected area for fauna with ponds, which is inhabited by geese, ducks and chicken. The combination of the unique natural environment, along with the fertilisation methods used by the owners of the farm, result to products of unprecedented quality, that among other awards have also obtained a certification of "Health Claim Product". The farm is currently open to visitors upon request during the bank holidays, however the owners aim to transform it into a farm open to the general public in which both adults and children will be able to come into touch with the rich fauna and flora of the region.


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