Back to the basics…TSG Written by  Wednesday, 01 February 2017
What is TSG and why it was invented

Throughout modern history, several legislative schemes-label based mechanisms, related to the origin of various food products have been applied, to “promote, protect and defend local features” (Virginie Amilien, Fatiha Fort, Nicolas Ferras, 2007 pa.10) on the one hand, and provide consumers with quality assurance on the other. Three schemes were developed in the EU for this purpose: PDO, PGI and TSG

“TSG” (Traditional Speciality Guaranteed) refers to products that are “produced using traditional raw materials or have traditional composition or mode of production or processing which is traditional type of production or processing”. It is obvious that “TSG” doesn’t refer to origin, but its’ main concern is to protect the tradition. In the current legislation, tradition means at least 25 years of production, but as it is noted by Bérard and Marcheney, it also refers to products that were produced before the 1950’s, when the vast changes in European agriculture occurred. Still, the concept remains open to many different interpretations and therefore no exact definition is provided in the relevant legislation.