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The flavor, the perfume and taste of Cretan olive groves in a bottle

The unique character of Daniolo Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from the ideal soil and climate makeup of the PDO region Mylopotamos , Crete wherein our farm acreage lies with our hundred year old trees. 

The greatness of DANIOLO organic EVOO lies in the geographic region and the climate. Though there are many great Greek basin olive oils, Crete has the unique architecture in climate and geography, which makes this islands olive oil production notorious throughout the world; much less a PDO region like North Mylopotamos designated as such by the EU.

Like all good Olive Oil producers there is a code to oil harvesting and production. This code includes, low temperature pressing, immediate pressing, and immediate oil extraction from the olive fruit. Also quite important is the cultivar of the olive—the KORONEIKI olive-  very small but extremely potent in nutritional value giving this particular oil a very long healthy shelf life, because of its high polyphenol content. This is easily noticeable in the taste, evident by the pepperiness, as the oil is swallowed bringing forth a heat and “cough”, like irritation to the throat. 

The Koroneiki in Greece, in Crete particularly, is part of the land. It is not cultivated. The orchards lie in rolling hills, dry mountains, places where machines cannot efficiently harvest cultivated orchards producing expansive acres of olive trees. It is because of this natural but awkward geographic terrain, that most orchards can only be kept for by laborers not machines, by hand, on foot. Laborers must climb the mountains, go great distances. The trees are a natural continuance of the Greek land, the culture, the history,   wherein all these characteristics offer the unique flavor to Greek basin olive oil.

DANIOLO is all these things in a beautiful bottle— the pungent flavor, the perfume, the fruitiness, enabling one to distinguish the flavors of the land that come through. 

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'Extra Virgin Olive Oil Award' 2013 BIOFACH Germany