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    3.500 years tradition from the Greek land!

    E-La-Won combines premium quality olive oil with edible gold flakes both with high antioxidant and anti-aging value. Rich in oleocanthal, which protects the cardiovascular system. Extra virgin olive oil with edible gold flakes aims at fulfilling the desire of our customers to offer luxury innovative products. The package and the name E-La-Won takes us back to the ancient world of Mycenae. The word E-La-Won stands for olive oil in Linear B’ language (1400 BC). Tablets and inscriptions in linear B’ language prove that this word is repeated in everyday life activities, religious ceremonies or commercial exchanges. In the ancient city of Mycenae there was even the oil merchants quarter, “sinoikia lademporou”, as today’s ruins show.

    E-La-Won's extra virgin olive oil has an essence of fresh cut olives of the famous Koroneiki variety, extracted in cold environment (first cold extraction) and with excellent organoleptic properties. E-La-Won has a very low acidity and a fruity smell with hints of tomato leaves and lemon drops.

    The olive oil is palate crisp and spicy with almond flavor because E-La-Won's prime green olives are harvested the moment they take their golden green color, same as the oil, which manifests the rich nutrient density of the product and the treatment in mild conditions.

    E-La-Won has a high concentration of polyphenols, oleocanthal and oleacein which contribute to the protection of blood lipids from oxidative stress. The company claims to produce "nature’s secrets in a bottle", unleashing the power of well kept  treasures from the Greek tradition.

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    Great Taste Award, International Olive Oil Competition London 2016 Mediterranean International Olive Oil Competition TerraOlivo 2016
    Mediterranean International Olive Oil Competition TerraOlivo 2015 Olive Japan 2015, Tokyo
    Olymp Awards, Athens 2016 Olymp Awards, Athens 2016