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An emerald-green organic olive oil with exceptional nutritional value
“BIOSPHERE” is an extra virgin olive oil organically produced by the first unripe olives, only from the few and finest especially selected olive trees, and harvested by hand in mid-October and bottled unfiltered.

Significant characteristics and high nutritional properties give shape to the strong personality of this unique green olive oil.

It has a distinctive emerald-green color due to the unripe olives chlorophyll, which also endows BIOSPHERE with its high antioxidant properties.

Rich fruity flavour and pleasant freshly cut vegetation scent, accompanied with a strong peppery finish, spicy and bitter taste.

It has the lowest possible acidity, is rich in antioxidants (like elaiasini and oleuropein) and contains a large variety of beneficial to health ingredients such as minerals, vitamins C and E, polyphenols, omega-3, omega-6, omega-9 fatty acids, and elaiokanthali which has strong anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective effect etc. All the above give it more high nutritional value.

It brings the flavour to your table when neutral-flavoured foods and salads are served. You can also pair it with fully flavoured dishes that are well seasoned so to brace its complexity.

BIOSPHERE is a splendid gift for special occasions, since its uniqueness captivates all senses.

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New York International Olive Oil Competition 2015