ATHIOOC 2017 results announced Written by  Saturday, 01 April 2017
Time has come for the results of the second edition and rather successful edition of Athena International Olive Oil Competition.

The number of samples submitted, showed an increase of 15% compared to the first edition of the Competition last year, with 295 extra virgin olive oils participating. Greek olive oils remained the majority (156 samples), however the participation of olive oils from other countries has been impressive (139) with the number of samples being increased by 200% compared to 2016.  Moreover, this year’s samples represented 92 different varieties (28% more than 2016) highlighting the diversity of the olive oil world, while the panel of judges consisted of 23 olive experts from 11 countries, making the competition truly international at all levels.

Overall, 175 medals were awarded in the following categories. ATHIOOC 2017 awarded 175 medals in the following categories: 17 Double Gold (scoring 95-100%), 65 Gold (scoring 85-95%), 55 Silver (scoring 75-85%) and 38 Bronze (scoring 65-75%).

As far as Greek Olive Oils are concerned,  “39/22 Koroneiki” received the Best EVOO special prize for Greece. “Oleanthos Gourmet” received the Best EVOO prize for the Athinoelia Variety, the “Less Gold” for the Kolovi variety, while “39/22 Koroneiki” received the Best EVOO for the Koroneiki variety as well. Additionally, “Achaia” Olive Oil received the prize of the Best Aromatized EVOO and the Best Organic EVOO prize was awarded to “Essential Organic”.

The Best Greek EVOO by Region prizes were awarded to the following:  “Less Gold” for the Aegean Islands, “Medolio” for Continental Greece, “Terra Creta Estate” for Crete, “Elaion Bio Green Olive Oil” for Epirus, “The Governor” for the Ionian Islands, “Imera Olive Oil” for Macedonia, “39/22 Koroneiki” for Peloponnese and “Ktima Micheli” for Thrace

The awards ceremony will take place in Athens on Saturday, April 22 2017, 18:00, at the King George II Hotel, Syntagma Square and it will be preceded by a day-long stand-up and self-pour tasting of all 175 award-winning olive oils.

Visit the official website of the competition for the full results: