Greek olive oil potential in Australian market Written by  Monday, 13 June 2016
Greek Olive oil has a potential for improving sales in the Australian market due to its high quality
Every year, more and more consumers around the world indicate a preference for Greek products, including the Greek olive oil, due to their excellent quality. In some of these remote markets, Greek olive oil has been already established in local consumers' tables.

According to a report of the Greek Office for Economic and Commerical Affairs at Sydney, Australia suggests that Greek olive oil has a potential for improving sales in the local market, as only a handful of companies is actively exporting olive oil to Australia (including names such as Altis, Minerva, Messinia, Maniatiko, Minos, Terra Creta, Ilia). The report also finds that consumers and legistlation care more about the calorie information than other aspects of the product label. Most Greek olive oil enters in Australian in bulk, so this also gives space for improvement for high quality labeled and bottled products already available in Greece. The same report suggests that processed agricultural products bearing the indicator light, low fat, reduced fat, seem to have great potential for commercial success, as consumers focus on health and nutritional issues.