EVOO prices down in November Written by  Friday, 08 December 2017
November has been a hard month for the producers across all major olive oil producing countri

In Greece, the price per kilo has reached the level of €3,33 , down by 4% compared to the same period last year.

In Spain, prices went down to reach the €3,59/kg, with the country being the only olive oil producing country seeing a rise in the prices compared to last year’s results ( 6% increase). In Tunisia, extra virgin olive oil is sold for €3,53/kg (4% year on year decrease), while Italian producers saw a dramatic fall of 27% compared to end of November 2016, with the prices going down to €4,18/kg.

Table Olives Imports

Table Olives are s delicacy that gain more and more consumers’ attention as years go by. Imports are a valuable indicator that depicts the current trend. At the close of 2016/17 crop year a substantial rise was noticed in Brazil, where imports were up by 15%, with the uptrend being also visible in Australia (4%). In the EU there was a 6% increase in the intra-EU acquisitions and 5% in extra-EU imports compared to the previous year.

On the contrary, the two big markets of North America, Canada and US , closed the year on a downturn with a 4% decrease.

source: IOC