St. Olive

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The best of what Greek land has to offer
Being inspired by the principles of “Fair Trade”, in 2012 , three friends joined forces in order to bring into life their common vision” to bring to the international community the best of what Greece has to offer at fair prices”. Ever since, people of St. Olive, discover delicacies that in any other occasion would either fail to find their way to the international market or would be set forth in a way that wouldn’t represent their true value.In a very short time, an internationally awarded series of premium olive oils was developed, having as main characteristics the mild fruity taste, the fresh flavor and the deep green colour. The cultivation is xerophytic and takes place in argillaceous soil of Messinia at an altitude between 200-400 meters.


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New York International Olive Oil Competition 2014 IF Design Award 2013
Reddot Design Award 2012 Ermis Award

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