Pelion Olive Farms

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The exceptional from Pelion Mountains

In Pelion Farms green olive oil was produced in early October 2014. The healthy green Amfissis variety (” Konservolia “) olives, were carefully picked from olive-groves of old, rain-fed trees in central Pelion, at an altitude of 400m. The entire production process was overseen by Vasilis Frantzolas, olive oil tester and consultant, to ensure a number of requirements. The resulting olive oil has intense aromas of freshly cut grass, tomato leaves and green almonds and its flavor is moderately bitter and spicy.

In 2011, during one of his visits to central Greece, V. Frantzolas sampled the olive oil produced by a group of small organic farmers in Pelion, and was impressed by its high quality because they use Amfissis variety olives, which are usually consumed as table olives in that area. After several meetings with the farmers, they decided that there was potential for substantial improvement in the quality of the olive oil, as long as strict standards were upheld at the stages of olive-picking, of oil milling, and of storage. These efforts resulted in the production of the organic extra virgin olive oil Pelion Olive Farms in October 2012. This won a number of the most prestigious awards in the field of olive oil (five awards in the six first months of being placed on the market).

The oil production was planned and organized together with the smallholders of organic olive-groves in the Pelion region. Every day during the first ten days of October 2014, the carefully picked green olives were transferred, in special plastic containers, to the nearby mill. The grinding process took place each evening after five. At all stages of production (malaxation, centrifugation, separation) the temperature was kept to below 28 degrees Celsius. It is well established that in order to produce a high quality olive oil with rich aromas and high in polyphenols, the malaxation of the olive paste should not exceed 30 -35 minutes, at a maximum temperature of 28 degrees C. The oil has a rare complex fruity flavor, while its aromas are characterized by bold tones of green tomato, freshly-cut grass, and olive leaves. The bitter and spicy tones are also strongly present, at an almost equal intensity, indicating that exceptional, well balanced oil had just been born! Each evening, the olive oil was filtered through paper filters to avoid unwanted future fermentations. Then the oil was stored in stainless steel tanks, supplied continuously with nitrogen gas for better protection and storage. The immediate bottling, and maintenance of the olive oil at 15 degrees Celsius, ensures it is kept in the same excellent state as when it leaves the oil-mill.


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