Papadopoulos Olive Oil

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Captivating with incomparable aroma and flavour
In the valley formed among Saturn Hill, Alpheus River and tributary Kladeous, is the site of "Sacred Altis", where Hercules offered the Greeks as a gift for compensation to their sacrifices the olive tree, which was named “kallistefanos olive ” from which the branches made up the olive branch (kotinos).

The olive, for the ancient Greeks was a symbol of the Olympic ideals of peace, wisdom and victory, let alone the most important nutrient ingredient for their euphoria. That's why the only prize that the Olympic champion was taken had been a wreath made of olive branches, the "olive branch” (kotinos).

Since then, the relationship of Ilia with olives has began, a relationship that has marked a whole region and is maintained to this day.

Faithful to this two-way relationship Papadopoulos family is dedicated to highlighting the unique characteristics of the oil Olympic Land. ”Papadopoulos Olive Oil” has started operating dynamically in the field of olive oil since 1989, when we created one of the most ultramodern oil mills in Greece. Through the continuous improvement of our facilities and expertise, our name has managed to become synonymous with quality and we have successfully cooperated with producers who have the same philosophy with us.


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New York International Olive Oil Competition 2015