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A 150-year old family tradition

"Our Family" olive oil, Laconiko, gets its name from the region of Greece, where our private olive estate is located - Laconia. In ancient Greece, Laconia was the principal region of the Spartan state and today Laconia's capital is Sparta. Laconiko also gets its name from the word "laconic," which is also derived from Laconia by analogy and means "to express a quality thought or idea using a limited amount of words" as the Spartans were reputed of doing by the Athenians. Similar to the Spartans of ancient Greece,"our family" produces "superb quality extra virgin olive oil produced by a limited amount of olive trees." "Our Family" is able to achieve such quality because of absence of mass production, but rather focus on using quality processes resulting to an award-winning extra virgin olive oil. "Our Family" olive trees are in an ideal location.

All olive trees are planted in the sandy beaches of Southern Greece, right outside of Sparta. The sand is nature's best filtration system, thus eliminating impurities that may be present and assuring olives that are of the highest quality. Moreover, the private estate is located in one of the Natura 2000 sites, which are recognized by the European Union as sites protected for their unique habitats that safeguards the animals and plants which need these lands to survive. Being part of a Natura 2000 site assures that our estate is protected from environmental contaminants and pollutants. Thus further ensuring a controlled and quality olive production.


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