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Pure Greek taste from the island of Lesvos

Kaldi is an American based firm producing excellent olive oil, coming from the island of Lesvos, Greece. Kaldi is a family-owned business that cultivates their generations-old family olive grove on Lesvos. Kaldí olive oils are extra virgin. Olives quickly processed after harvesting usually create oils with low free fatty acid, a measure of oil quality. The olives are handpicked and processed the same day. 

Unlike other brands, Kaldi is picky about what goes in every bottle of Kaldí olive oil. Handpicked rare Kolovi and Adramytiani olives are in every bottle. Most Greek olive oil in the US can be green, pungent and earthy. Kaldí olive oils are low in chlorophyll creating a golden oil with tastes of grass, hay, artichokes, and pleasant and clear bitter notes, with a peppery after taste. Kaldí Organic Extra Virgin Olive is distinctively fragrant and fruity. Because of these unique flavours, many people have called olive oil from Lesvos the finest in Greece.


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Los Angeles International Olive Oil Competition 2014 New York International Olive Oil Competition 2015

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