Eirini Plomariou

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    Eirini Plomariou
    A multiple-award gem from Lesvos island

    Nikos, Myrta and their children have been the soul of the family farm since 1996 and they are devoted to the organic cultivation of the olive trees throughout the year producing EIRINI PLOMARIOU, an award winning organic olive oil. It is the olive oil they proudly use in their agrotourism unit in Plomari, and which has won fervent admirers throughout the world for its aroma and quality.

    Harvesting starts in early November. Olives, not yet quite ripe, are picked directly from the branch, since we do not allow them to fall to the ground. They want their olives to reach the olive press fresh, juicy and not quite 'done' yet, on the very same day they were picked. Any olives that fall to the ground belong to the birds and animals living in their farm. EIRINI PLOMARIOU has won several awards.


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    New York International Olive Oil Competition 2015 Monocultivar Olive Oil Competition 2015, Milan Italy
    Los Angeles International Olive Oil Competition 2014 'Biol 2014' Andria, Italy
    Olive Japan 2013, Tokyo 'China Oil 2013' Beinjing
    'Biol 2013' Andria, Italy World contest AVPA 2013 Paris, France
    Terra Olivo 2012, Jerrusalem, Israel Olive Japan 2012, Tokyo
    Terra Olivo 2012, Jerrusalem, Israel 'China Oil 2011' Beinjing
    Los Angeles International Olive Oil Competition 2010 'Biol 2012' Andria, Italy
    'Biol 2009' Andria, Italy

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