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Rediscovering Mycenaean olive oil

E-La-Won is keeping the tradition alive through generations. E-La-Won's olive oil is the outcome of many decades of experience and it is produced with respect to the consumer and the environment. Its original taste, from koroneiki variety, is essential in everyday nutritional needs as its uncompromising quality matches the demands of healthy cooking and gastronomic creations at once. Everyday use of E-La-Won's extra virgin olive oil becomes a certified shield for human body.

Mycenae is E-La-Won's paradise, on the edge of the Mediterranean and it is painted with the silver colour of the olive tree, a symbol of peace and civilisation, as old as human history. A gift from the gods to the people since the times of Athena and Poseidon, rooted in local people's past for thousands of years.

In this blessed Peloponnesian land, near ancient Mycenae, E-La-Won produces its extra virgin olive oil, from koroneiki variety, in E-La-Wpn's private olive groves. E-La-Won's traditional recipe is combined with today’s technology in order to create an extra virgin olive oil “opos palia” (as in the good old times). The package and the name E-La-Won takes us back to the ancient world of Mycenae. The word E-La-Won stands for olive oil in Linear B’ language (1400 BC). Tablets and inscriptions in linear B’ language prove that this word is repeated in everyday life activities, religious ceremonies or commercial exchanges. In the ancient city of Mycenae there was even the oil merchants quarter, “sinoikia lademporou”, as today’s ruins show.


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