Greek Olive oil has a potential for improving sales in the Australian market due to its high quality

Olive oil «TheGovernor» produced by Dafni Family won a prize for highest content in Eleokanthali, in a world conference held in Ancient Olympia, Greece.

A new tasty Greek olive oil from Messologhi travels to Ireland
The 3rd Food Expo Greece took place in Athens Greece between the 19th and 21st of March. The event has become the leading food products show in the Mediterranean offering a great collection of PDO and PGI products as well as exceptional olive oil.
Political upheaval brought a family from the foothills of Kalamata to Pittsburgh, but their relationship with Greece and its golden olive oil kept for generations.
Greek olive oil remains unexploited. The success story of Greek olive oil is partially written in Italy. How is that?
Chef Reveals of Eater Philly magazine asked Bobby Saritsoglou to show his most prized cooking possessions. Amongst the most valuable items in his kitchen one can see cast iron pans, preserved and fresh lemons, Greek olive oil, Cretan honey, spices, wooden dowel, spoon collection, homemade pita and pastourma.

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