According to recent research, increased consumption of olive oil reduces the risk of a stroke by up to 41%
IOC creates applications that calculates olive farming CO2 balance
Production of olive oil in Spain, Italy and Greece increased in 2015/16
Sometimes the smallest of islands host some of the most unique olive groves.
The oldest olive tree in the world is located in Crete and it produces olives for at least 3000 years!
An olive branch wreath travelled to Rio Olympics, accompanying the Greek Olympic Team.
The olive trees are forever an integral part of the landscape amongst the ruins of Odysseus’ Palace in Ithaca. Dominating the panorama that overlooks the majestic turquoise Ionian sea.
EKEPE just started a promotion program for Greek olive oil tagreting non-EU countries
IOC's recent figures show an increase of global production by 33%
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