In this experiment olive oil quickly spreads on the water surface, creating a protective layer that vanishes the waves in this small lake
Greece producer prices have climbed to record levels in Peloponnese with extra virgin olive oil breaking the barrier of EUR (€) 4.50 per kilo
High demand for EVOO in Lakonia, Greece boosts price to € 4.25 per kg
Myths and stories of legendary olive trees have always been present throughout the history of Athens. Such has been the myth of Plato’s Olive Tree
According to experts, interest for Greek olive oil will be boosted this year due to reduction in Italy's production
The London IOOC 2017 competition will be the first globally to provide awards for health protection attributes of olive oil
Cretan producers say they hope this year's olive oil will exceed the price of € 3.00 per Kg.
Three studies reviewed Greek High Phenolic Extra Virgin Olive Oil to examine ancient wisdom of food as medicine.
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