World Olive Oil Exhibition Written by  Monday, 16 January 2017
The meeting place for olive oil professionals for the 2016/2017 season
Olive Oil is constantly gaining market share across the globe. The need for a place in which major traders, brokers, agents could meet the producers generated the World Olive Oil Exhibition. According to the event organisers, the World Olive Oil Exhibition aims “to promote the commercialisation of large volumes of olive oil no matter if they are traded bottled or in bulk, with the aim of converting this event into the International Olive Oil Trade Fair par excellence.” This year’s event will take place in Madrid between March 28th and 29th.

Apart from the exhibition area, the event will host numerous other facilities such as business points for B2B meetings and a conference program in which evolution in olive oil production will be discussed. Moreover, a tasting area “Oil Bar” will also be set up so that buyers can taste in a quiet and relaxing environment the olive oils of the sellers while extra virgin oil competitions and “show cooking” will also take place. On the fringes of the exhibition and various other gourmet foods and cosmetics that use olive oil as a main ingredient will also be displayed.

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