Task Force for the promotion of Cretan Olive Oil Written by  Wednesday, 23 December 2015

2015 has been a very importat year for Cretan Olive Oil, as the producers saw an increase in exports and high producer prices. 

Despite the fact that estimates remain encouraging for the upcoming year, the Region of Crete has taken initiatives in order to build on momentum and identify policies that will further support the exports of Cretan Olive Oil. A task force with representatives of all releavnt stakoholders has been set up with its first meeting taking place on December 21 2015.

"It is an organised attempt and we await for the future results" said Ms. Skordalaki, Vice Prefect of the Region of Crete. "The Cretan olive oil must be supported.  First and foremost, the export of bulk product which is at the expense of the producer must stop. Our effort will focus more on standardization, to ensure traceability of Cretan olive oil from illegal imports and impurities."

From his side the President Association of Cretan Exporters, Mr. Alkis Kalambokis stressed that 2015 was a very good year for the Cretan exports. "Olive Oil is the axis of Cretan exports. Despite the economic downturn, the Region of Crete has taken a very good initiative to explore ways to further support the product which is "gold" for the island.