St. Olive

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An amazing single harvest olive oil with strong character
St. Olive Single Harvest is a premium extra virgin olive oil rich in phenols, with amazing taste, deep green colour, optimum thickness. rich fruitness and low acidity (below 0.3). A strict process of selection and processing is followed during production to ensure that superior quality characteristics are obtained. The best of the crop is carried to the mill within 8 hours after the olives have been picked. It goes through the cleaning and extraction process which is followed by addittional extraction of the olive margarines through natural filtering with the use of organic materials. The latter is the way of the past generations: a tradition that is believed to protect the aroma and taste of the olive oil for longer duration. St Olive Single Harvest is bottled by hand in high quality fluorised matt colour glass bottles. St. Olrve Single Harvest was awarded with the Gold Medal in the New York International Olive Oil Competition 2014.
Taste: Aromas of green fruit, green grass. almond and notes of banana. St Olive taste exhibits abundant fruitiness. green grass. sweetness. bitterness. medium purge, and notes of artichoke with exceptional harmony, a high complexity and a high persistence.

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'New York International Olive Oil Competition 2014', NY Reddot Design Award 2012
Ermis Awards IF Packaging Design Award 2013