Back to the basics…PDO Written by  Tuesday, 03 January 2017
What is PDO and why was invented?
Throughout modern history, several legislative schemes-label based mechanisms, related to the origin of various food products have been applied, to “promote, protect and defend local features” (Virginie Amilien, Fatiha Fort, Nicolas Ferras, 2007 pa.10) on the one hand, and provide consumers with quality assurance on the other. Three schemes were developed in the EU for this purpose: PDO, PGI and TSG

“PDO” (Protected designation of origin) refers to products that come from a specific region, place or country and whose reputation comes from “a particular geographical environment with its inherent natural and human factors, and the production, processing, and preparation of which take place in a defined geographical area”. PDO is meant to protect/recognise unique products, the uniqueness of whom is due to the natural environment in which they are produced (soil, climate etc.) but also the human activity (social patterns, practices, skills) which stems from the interaction with this specific environment and leads to the production of the relevant food product (Bérard & Marcheney, 2007).