Experts say olive oil could be an underestimated power in boosting tourism Written by  Sunday, 12 February 2017
Oil tourism could be a powerful tool in creating revenues but experts think more efforts are needed
Experts believe that although the olive oil industry is on the rise and linked to the Greek economy with strong ties this blessed tree and its products do not enjoy adequate attention.

The olive oil is lagging behind compared to the wine and other local traditional products in the so-called field of gastronomic tourism.

According to G. Economou, director in the Association of Greek Industries of Olive Oil Standardization, “the olive oil is lagging behind other products, such as the wine, about one decade”. Mr Economou believes that there is a potential to develop oil tourism, by establishing olive oil roads and create attractions out of olive oil installations (e.g. mills).

Maria Metaxogeni, CEO in IBHS believes that Greece has the potential to increase its market share by enhance the branding of its products. This way the local industry will enhance the credibility of the sector and wil give to Greek production the added value missing today, particularly on international level.