A royal olive grove turned into a public park Written by  Monday, 10 October 2016
A royal olive grove turned public park
The 1150 ha Park of Environmental Information and Sensitisation “Antonis Tritsis”, hosts one of the few remaining olive groves in the city of Athens. Being once the estate of Amalia of Oldenburg, Queen consort of Greece from 1836 to 1892. The park, which lies inside the valley of river Kifissos, was designed to become and innovative agricultural centre of the time. The royal gardeners, François Louis Bareaud and Friedrich Schmidt planted a wide variety of trees and rare ornamental plants, with thousands of olive trees amongst them.

After King Otto and Amalia were expelled, the park passed gradually into the hands of the Greek state and park was abandoned for a very long period of time until its revival almost twenty years ago. The six artificial lakes that were created as part of the modern park are the main attraction and one few places in the Athens urban environment, where wildlife can take refuge. The large number of olive trees remaining, reminds visitors of a pioneering idea that might have started in the previous century but still remains relevant in the years of modern urban development