Oleum Crete

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A great Cretan olive oil from Messara valley

The Greek, extra virgin olive oil Oleum Crete comes from the Messara valley in southern Crete. It is one of the top quality olive oils with very fine flavour, its acidity does not exceed 0.3%. Oleum Crete is an oil with intense fruity flavour and a perfume that makes it unique and special.

Oleum Crete is extracted from Koroneiki, under cold conditions, with a malaxation of 40 minutes and a temperature up to 27 °C. Its colour is magical golden green.

Tasting traditional Cretan recipes, prepared with Oleum Crete, is a gastronomic experience as it offers a unique taste while it is healthy and nutritious. Olive trees are a characteristic element of the Mediterranean and the Cretan ecosystem and landscape. The olive oil produced in Crete is highly appreciated due to its characteristics rendering it a much sought product among olive oils as it is of low acidity (extra virgin of anacidity below 1%), ideal for cooking but an excellent oil for fresh salads and fresh vegetables offering a unique taste. Oleum Crete and the Cretan olive oil in general is the main element of the Cretan diet which is widely recognised as the most healthy diet together with cereals, fresh vegetables and fish.

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