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A tender intensity superior extra virgin olive oil
This TENDER (Delicate) intensity Superior Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a blend of limited quantity Manaki and Koroneiki varieties in approximately 3000 hand painted limited edition bottles.
It is a mixture of light and moderate fruitiness, bitterness and pungency that has a rich aromatic character together with its spiciness.
It comes in a gift box, where the inner part contains Styrofoam pockets that not only protect the bottle, but also conserve the olive oil at the right temperature. The Olea Juice™ superior extra virgin olive oil has been awarded in various international competitions for it’s exquisite taste and texture, as well as for the superb design.

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New York International Olive Oil Competition 2014 'Olive Japan 2015' International Olive Oil Competition, Japan
'TerraOlivo 2014' Mediterranean International Olive Oil Competition, Israel