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Organic olive oil from selected groves of the Olympian land
Mythocia Bio Olympia PGI, is an extra virgin olive oil rich in taste and aroma. Produced from strictly selected organic olive groves that have no use of any kind of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, thus enhancing its properties to health. In strictly selected groves in Olympian Land this award-winning organic olive oil is rich in flavour and aroma ensuring its excellence. Mythocia Bio Olympia PGI comes from Papadopoulos oil press, one of the most modern oil mills in Peloponnese region. Papadopoulos olive press unit is using the latest technology oil machines and has all the relative certifications for the production of organic olive oil concerning the integrated olive oil management and Olympia Protected Geographical Indication. After many years of research and testing, in cooperation with many distinguished scientists in the field, Papadopoulos Olive Oil has the unique oil mill that is able to regulate the intensity of bitter (bitter taste) and spicy (burning sensation in the throat), depending on the preferences of the clients. Based on this experience and expertise, Papadopoulos Olive Oil company is able to help other producers too, sharing their expertise, concerning the production of olive oil

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New York International Olive Oil Competition 2015 Biol 2015 International Prize, Bari, Italy