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An amazing traditional gold organic olive oil from Lesvos island
Modi is a Greek organic extra virgin olive oil with a unique flavour. It comes from a special variety of olives called "Kolovi" cultivated exclusively on the Greek Island of Lesvos, in the Aegean Sea. Modi is harvested and bottled by hand, and crushing begins only 7 hours after harvesting so the fruits of the olive will maintain their amazing freshness and unique fruity flavour.

“Modi” has an acidity below 0,2% and is characterised by its distinctive thin-fluid texture (low viscosity, soft taste), its gold-yellow colour due to the low chlorophyll in its content, is the best defense against time and its aroma and taste; which mostly comes from the variety of the “Kolovi”.

The areas where "Kolovi" is cultivated are mountainous and semi-mountainous. This characteristic of the land gives the olive oil its unique taste and they enrich its aroma substances. The island of Lesvos is located northeast on the Aegean Sea. The climate on the island is mild Mediterranean with an average temperature of 18°C, 750mm rainfall and plenty of sunshine. The special characteristics of the island’s olive oil have been officially recognised by the European Union and certified as PGI (Protected Geographical Indication). Moreover, all the extra virgin olive oils of Lesvos have been approved by the EU as PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) for the geographical names of Mytilene, Kalloni of Lesvos and Plomari of Lesvos.

In ancient Greece, “Modi” was used to measure volume. Depending on different regions, it was used to measure cereals, dried goods, liquids, fruits, surfaces, length as well as olive oil production. On the island of Lesvos, it was used specifically as measurement for olive oil production; 1 “modi” was 500 “okades” olives. “Oka”, a measurement originally used in Turkey, is equal to 1.280 grams. Thus, one “modi” equals 640kgs. The word “Modi” had a very significant commercial value during the Ancient, Roman and Byzantine periods. Moreover, the word “modi” was a popular expression of blessing amongst the farmers. They would say “May the days be good, a thousand modis!”, wishing each other a good harvest in order to produce many modis

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