Karpea Organic

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The golden harvest of the Greek olive tree

Κarpea organic extra virgin oil comes from the best varieties of olives. Hand picked olives, directly from the tree, which are crushed on the spot by cold pressing. This way, the fine quality is maintained, the deep fruity flavour that characterises this unique organic variety of extra virgin olive oil is defined.

Karpea Organic is sold in a 500ml glass bottle or a 250ml spray per bottle.

Karpea consists of a team of highly experienced professionals who strictly monitor the whole procedure, from the selection of the best olive fruits to the packaging and storing of finished products. Karpea's major priority is the development of innovative production methods with emphasis on the variety of the olive fruit and the stage of ripeness. These two factors affect the quality of olive oil and eventually of all products based on it. Olive oil coming from different olive fruit variety gives different taste, aroma and flavour.

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Superior Taste Award (3 Stars) ITQI 2015