Sitia Crete P.D.O

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The experience of Crete in a bottle.
“Stories of Greek Origins” Sitia Lasithi Crete PDO, is a superior quality extra virgin olive oil, of extremely low acidity (0,21 during production) with untouched all its extra virgin and quality characteristics. It comes in limited quantities. It is fresh, aromatic, with bright golden green colour, medium fruity flavour and mild aftertaste, a real gastronomic and valuable pleasure. We are very lucky that we discovered Dafni, a very small and picturesque village up to the Sitia mountains with a clear Mediterranean identity and a history deep rooted to the Minoan times. Only 64 people live there and all of them work just with their olive groves. It is like a blessed place, one of nature’s miracles. High altitude, the ground is rich in trace elements, water springs, healthy trees only with natural treatments and a lot of personal care. We have selected the olive trees and the estates which we exclusively harvest. Harvest is done by hand and the fruit is picked exactly at the right time, the grinding takes place just a few hours after harvesting through cold extraction in modern equipment.

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New York International Olive Oil Competition 2014 'TerraOlivo 2013' Mediterranean International Olive Oil Competition, Israel
'TerraOlivo 2013' Mediterranean International Olive Oil Competition, Israel Great Taste Awards 2013, UK
Los Angeles International Olive Oil Competition 2014