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A unique, rich in flavour organic oil from Antiparos

The unique rich flavour and distinctive green colour of Estate Agrilia olive oil is a result of the tender care that goes into every stage of its production, pressing, and packaging. In caring for our trees all the rules of organic farming are strictly adhered to, and as for the harvesting and sorting of the olives themselves, this is done entirely by hand to ensure no mechanical interference. As part of Estate Agrilia's commitment to the highest standards, we recently purchased a ‘state of the art’ two-stage press. Aside from fully complying with all organic pressing regulations, this equipment has enabled the company to dramatically reduce the time the olives spend from tree to final product. A must for preserving the full nutritional integrity of the oil.

The olive oil is stored on site in stainless steel tanks, and the bottling takes place on the estate, too. Estate Agrilia use precision fillers, cap mounters and bottle sleeves to ensure the same care is taken in packaging as is taken for production.

As a result, Estate Agrilia is proud to present us with an ORGANIC EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL whose maximum acidity is below 0.5%, which is substantially lower than the 0.8% industry-wide limit for this category of olive oil .The fast ‘tree to press’ time ensures that all the nutritional values, taste and colour are maintained. AGRILIA is quite simply the perfect oil for your cooking and salads, and offers a delicious and healthful addition to your everyday diet.

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New York International Olive Oil Competition 2015