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A gem from the Mediterranean

Eleon, the Greek olive oil that MNF exports, is an excellent extra virgin olive oil which comes from certified olive producers from different regions, famous for the quality of their olive products. They all comply with the international standards and requirements. Olives are collected before they reach their full maturity and they are cold pressed (in temperature lower than <25 °C ) so that the olive oil extracted retains its rich nutrients. The production process is completed within 24 hours from harvesting.

The olive oil is then brought to the MNF facility in order to be examined in MNF's certified lab for its acidity, its composition and the possibility of pesticides presence. In the next stage, it is transferred in self-heating and stirring stainless containers. It is packaged within 3 days and it is exported without any addition of artificial colorings or other substances.

Eleon extra virgin olive oil has a characteristic aroma of fresh-cut olives. Its taste is really sharp due to its low acidity 0,18%, which is also responsible for a bitterness in its aftertaste as a result of oleacein presence, an exceptional antioxidant. It comes in 250ml, 500ml and 750ml recyclable glass bottles because Greeks believe that olive oil should be consumed within a short period, not more than 12 months from its' production. The date of production, the geographical origin, the date of packaging and the expiry date are clearly marked on the bottle. Every bottle has an individual detection code which is stored in the data bank of MNF's facility.

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New York International Olive Oil Competition 2015 '4th Athens Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition 2015', Athens, Greece
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'Terra Olivo 2015' Olive Oil Competition, Israel