Eirini Plomariou

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    Eirini Plomariou
    The unfiltered speciality from Lesvos island
    With more than 20 awards over the last 7 years, Eirini Plomariou is one of the most reputable Greek Olive Oils at an international level. Not strange if someone thinks of the special production and packaging method. The olives are harvested directly from the tree, without falling on the ground, while various herbs such as oregano, thyme, sage grow among the trees, combining their aromas, along with those of bitter almond and wild artichoke. In the last stage, the olive oil is bottled unfiltered, allowing all those special smells to be preserved.

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    New York International Olive Oil Competition 2015 Monocultivar Olive Oil 2015
    Los Angeles Olive Oil Competition 2015 BIOL 2014, Olive Oil Competition, Italy
    Platinum, Los Angeles Olive Oil Competition 2015 Olive Japan 2013, Tokyo
    China Oil International Olive Oil Competition 2013 E-Oil_Wine Contest, Athens 2013
    BIOL 2013, Olive Oil Competition, Italy AVPA World Contest 2013, Paris
    Terra Olivo 2012, Jerusalem, Israel Olive Japan 2012, Tokyo
    BIOL 2012, Italy Terra Olivo 2011, Jerusalem, Israel