Authentia Organic

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An organic olive oil with 'authentic' roots

Authentia Organic is a Greek premium extra virgin olive oil of amazing taste, produced using cold extraction. It is a certified organic product. Authentia is particularly tasty and rich in antioxidants and as all excellent olive oils is considered a foundation of Mediterannean diet, particularly good for cholesterol.

Olives are traditionally cultivated and harvested from November to early January, every year. The oil has a very low acidity (<0.4%) and is pressed whithin two days and is bottled fresh. Authentia Premium is ideal for sautéing, salad dressings, dipping, grilling, baking, drizzling and deep frying. The combination of the Greek climate, the traditional way of cultivation and harvest, and the quick milling of the olive in cold extraction, produce a unique result: extra virgin olive oil more than 80% of Greek olive oils. The juice of Greek variety “koroneiki” is of low acidity, rich in scents and nutritional values and of course, a unique taste.

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