Virgin Greek Olive Oil #4 exported product Written by  Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Panhellenic Exporters Association and the Centre for Export Research (KEEM) published analysis on exprortred Greek products for the first 9-months of 2015.

According to the results of the analysis Virgin Olive Oil exports rised to the 4th place.

Generally, agricultural exports greatly increased by 16.5%, exports of industrial products also go up by 8.8% and smaller increases observed in the export of raw materials (4%) and the low value exports category.

Greece's exports to the EU (28) show a significant increase (14.1%) and including petroleum occupy 54% of total exports. Even greater (17.4%) is the percentage increase in exports to the Eurozone countries.

Strong growth recorded for exports to North America at 55.1%, to other Countries of America by 145.4% and to African countries by 21.7%. Smaller percentage increases observed in exports to other EU countries (non-euro) by 6.9% and to Oceania (8.8%).

Source: imerisia.gr