Tasting Kalamata Olive Group certfied by the IOC Written by  Sunday, 14 February 2016
The Tasting Kalamata Olive Group and the laboratory located in Technological Educational Institute of Peloponnese is recently cerified by the IOC.

Kalamata is synonymous with the popular tourist destination, but is best known to most consumers worldwide for olive oil and olives.

Tasting Olive Kalamata Group became the third laboratory in Greece to be certified by the IOC, after the State Laboratory and the ESVITE, the Association of Oil Industry and formulators.

The laboratory is located at the TEI (Technological Educational Institute) of the Peloponnese, located in the city of Kalamata. Education is a fundamental factor in the vision of this newly certified panels.

Dr. Bassilis Dimopoulos, panel operator panel and scientific coordinator explains:
'We do this in our own time. Our goal is to continue the training program for the olive oil and olives here in TEI of Kalamata, in order to share our knowledge with anyone interested.'

When asked if they focus just on oil, they replied that their plan is to extend the laboratory and the panel to include organoleptic assessment of table olives.

They have achieved this prestigious certification after years of struggle and hard work. They believed that the TEI of Peloponnese needed its own tasting panel as a first step towards the fulfillment of their goal, which is the opening of the institution in consecutive courses. For Greece to be competitive, we need a set of clear guidelines and training standards of the highest level for the olive oil industry. 'Our goal is to establish a continuing education program for both, growers and the wider public.' added Dr. Dimopoulos.

Source: www.huffingtonpost.gr