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Cretan producers hope olive oil will exceed €3 per kg
Cretan producers say they hope this year's olive oil will exceed the price of € 3.00 per Kg.
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Greek olive oil breaks the barrier of € 4.50 per kilo
Greece producer prices have climbed to record levels in Peloponnese with extra virgin olive oil breaking the barrier of EUR (€) 4.50 per kilo
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Greek olive oil expected to keep high prices due to Italy's reduced production
According to experts, interest for Greek olive oil will be boosted this year due to reduction in Italy's production
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Low price for 1st olive oil of this year in Messenia
Low price obtained for the first quantities of Messinia olive oil
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Olive oil reached reached € 4.25 / kg in Lakonia
High demand for EVOO in Lakonia, Greece boosts price to € 4.25 per kg
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