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7th Olive Oil and Olive Festival on the way
Preparations for the biggest Olive Oil event in Greece are in full swing. The “Piece and Friendship Stadium” is getting ready to open its door for visitors and exhibitors from 31st  March to 2nd April.
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An untapped treasure
Greek olive oil remains unexploited. The success story of Greek olive oil is partially written in Italy. How is that?
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ATHIOOC 2017 results announced
Time has come for the results of the second edition and rather successful edition of Athena International Olive Oil Competition.
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A ten-generations olive oil euphoria
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EVOO prices down in November
November has been a hard month for the producers across all major olive oil producing countri
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Greek Olive Oil gains recognition
Gradually but steadily, thanks to the great efforts of passionate entrepreneur, Greek olive oil is at last gaining the fame it deserves. While Greeks have a deep belief that the country's olive groves produce one of the best olive oils in the world, nowadays it is gradually recognized as a premium luxury product beyond the country’s borders. For a number of years now, Greek olive oil has been exported in impressive shapes and sizes, with amazing packaging designs and exceptional incredients. The last years this strategy is gaining a few fans across the globe that lead to increase sales and new high quality efforts from Greek entrepreneurs.
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Greek olive oils used for medical research
Three studies reviewed Greek High Phenolic Extra Virgin Olive Oil to examine ancient wisdom of food as medicine.
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Krimnianiotis Farm
An organic farm on the slopes of Taygetus
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Nutritious deep-fried vegetables? Yes, but....
A recent study at the University of Granada in Spain has found that frying vegetables in extra virgin olive oil changes them for the better, adding phenolic compounds, which have antioxidant properties. Boiling and other methods of cooking veggies have no such benefit.
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St. Olive
An amazing single harvest olive oil with strong character
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