Ready for the Challenge? Written by  Wednesday, 15 November 2017
Olive Challenge, the first “innovation and entrepreneurship competition” for the olive sector, commences today

The "Olive Challenge" is organised by the Friends of the Olive Oil Club "FILAIOS" being the first specialised competition for innovation in the olive sector in Greece. The main goal of the initiative according to the president of "FILAIOS", Mr. Vaggelis Divaris is "the development and upgrading of the olive sector through the introduction of innovation, sustainable development and innovative entrepreneurship."The OLIVE CHALLENGE initiative has been designed to help create new services and products, link olive oil and olive oil production to technological developments, increase employment, disseminate and strengthen sustainable entrepreneurial practices in the sector, further strengthen extroversion of olive oil & table olives and lastly to promote development of synergies and inter-sectoral cooperation.

The competition is open for any idea / suggestions related to olives and olive oil at any level: olive cultivation, olive oil, standardization, promotion, distribution, export, environmental protection, marketing strategy, materials packaging, technological improvements, new uses of products and at any other stage of the chain, provided that the idea is innovative and will contribute to the upgrading of the products or, more generally, the olive sector.

Submissions start today (15/11/2018) and applications will be received until 15/2/2018. A "Demo Day" is planned for the 11/3/2018 and the so called "Incubation Period" lasts from 1/4/2018 to 30/10/2018. The OLIVE CHALLENGE AWARD CEREMONY will take place on 1/3/2018, date which signifies the commencement of the second cycle of the competition as well.

Interested applicants can visit the official website of the competition which was launched today.