Talking Greek olive oil tradition Written by  Tuesday, 01 March 2016
Political upheaval brought a family from the foothills of Kalamata to Pittsburgh, but their relationship with Greece and its golden olive oil kept for generations.

According to The Pappas Post Liokareas family has an amazing story connecting with one of the most remarkable products of Greece. Its golden olive oil.

Since 1870 Liokareas family was based in the foothills of Kalamata, where they cultivated olive trees in a way that made them famous to locals. Their grand grand father Antonis passed his orchard to his son Fotis and eventually to his grandson Panayotis who kept up the family tradition of producing magnificent pure extra virgin olive oil. 

In the 1940s the family were considered innovators by the local community, using stone presses for their Koroneiki olives.

Due to political upheaval in the 1960s Panayotis together with his family and his son Yiannis migrated to Pennsylvania.

While Panayotis returned to Greece, Yiannis established a family in Pittsburgh and his own son Panayotis (named after his grandfather) who visited his ancestor lands from the young age of three. Panayotis loved the orchard and over the years, Peter spent summers in Greece getting a better handle of the olive harvesting process and gaining an extensive knowledge of olive oil making.

Nowadays Peter established Oilio, a Pittsburgh-based importer of Liokareas olive oil from Kalamata sharing it with consumers in the United States, hoping to let them enjoy this magnificent product.

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