Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Herbs against Infections Written by  Saturday, 27 February 2016

Cretan Iama is the fruit of years of research by distinguished researchers from the University of Crete in cooperation with Olvos converted the indigenous knowledge into substantial knowledge.

Perennial tests and researches revealed a mix of essential oils from three herbs: Sage (salvia fruticosa), thyme (coridothymus capitatus) and burning bush (origanum dictamus), in specific proportions, along with extra virgin olive oil with synergistic function contributes naturally to empowerment the body's defense.Cretan Iama belongs to food supplements has been shown by a study of researchers from the University of Crete which was published in the prestigious international biomedical journal Lancet, that has a beneficial effect on upper respiratory tract infections.

Sage: multidrug with multiple health benefits
Thyme: medicinal plant, used as antibiotic (before modern antibiotics)
Dittany: healing properties

Recommended dose is 2 soft captules daily.

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