Greek Olive Oil gains recognition

Gradually but steadily, thanks to the great efforts of passionate entrepreneur, Greek olive oil is at last gaining the fame it deserves. While Greeks have a deep belief that the country's olive groves produce one of the best olive oils in the world, nowadays it is gradually recognized as a premium luxury product beyond the country’s borders. For a number of years now, Greek olive oil has been exported in impressive shapes and sizes, with amazing packaging designs and exceptional incredients. The last years this strategy is gaining a few fans across the globe that lead to increase sales and new high quality efforts from Greek entrepreneurs.

Few days for NYIOOC

Ony 15 days are left to the New York International Olive Oil Competition. The world's best olive oils, including many from Greece, are competing for luxurious awards. An international panel of experts, judges at least 700 contestants.

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Oil prices drop

Olive oil prices dropped slightly last week. According to reports from OliveNews.gr, extra virgin olive oil sold in Messinia and Lakonia in mid February for 3.10 Eur/kg to 3.46 Eur/Kg. Organic olive oil has a bit higher starting price of 4.30 Eur/Kg

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