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Olive Oil Mate is the best way to explore Greek Olive Oil. Olive Oil Mate gives you a perfect opportunity to browse through the best Olive Oils of Greece, to see the top-rated ones and the most awarded olive oils and producers, including the best organic extra virgins.


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Being originally associated with Athena, the goddess of wisdom, the roots of olive oil production are lost deep into the mythological and historical past of Greece. Apart from an important dietary product and a symbol of wealth, olive oil became an essential part of the greek culture throughout its history and an integral part of its various rituals and cultural expressions.

In the recent years, olive oil, has been recognised as the basis of the famous Mediterranean diet and the reputation of greek olive qualities has expanded worldwide.

Olive Oil Mate started as an idea in 2012 under an olive tree, somewhere in the greek countryside. Our website started in 2016 as a collection of the best, most luxurious, olive oils of the greatest quality, coming from the magical and ancient olive groves of the Mediterranean. Olive Oil Mate features a collection of more than 50 of the best olive products of the greek land, giving you the chance to browse through the healthiest assortment of Mediterranean food!




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The Olive Oil Mate team is a group of foodies with great passion for the greek gastronomical tradition and its exceptional food products. OliveOilmate.com has as a goal, not only to discover and highlight the olive oils that carry the famous attributes of the greek olive grove but also present the stories and spirit of the people behind their production. 



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